Datos y funciĆ³n del gobierno de los Estados Unidos. 21 a 40.
21.What do we call a change to the Constitution?
An amendment.
22.How many changes or amendments are there to the Constitution?
23.How many branches are there in our government?
24.What are the three branches of our government?
Legislative, executive, and judicial.
25.What is the legislative branch of our government?
The Congress.
26.Who makes the laws in the United States?
The Congress.
27.What is the Congress?
The Senate and the House of Representatives.
28.What are the duties of Congress?
To make laws.
29.Who elects the members of Congress?
The people.
30.How many senators are there in Congress?
31.Can you name the two senators from your state?
        [ your two senators | tus dos senadores ]
32.For how long do we elect each senator?
For 6 years.
33.How many representatives are there in Congress?
34.For how long do we elect the representatives?
For 2 years.
35.What is the executive branch of our government?
The president, the vice-president, the cabinet, and departments under the cabinet members.
36.What is the judicial branch of our government?
The Supreme Court.
37.What are the duties of the Supreme Court?
To interpret laws.
38.What is the supreme law of the United States?
The Constitution.
39.What is the Bill of Rights?
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
40.What is the capital of your state?
The capitals of the biggest states are:
Sacramento: California
Austin: Texas
Albany: New York.