Jumpin jehosaphat
Bet bottom dollar
Devil and deep blue sea
From frying pan into the fire
Hem and haw
Beat around the bush
Leave in the lurch
Mountain out of molehill
Pull punches
Throw baby out with the bathwater
Down in the dumps
Lily livered
Knock kneed
Mild mannered
Mealy mouthed
Tongue tied
Wishy washy
Too big for his britches
Raise the roof
Clean my clock
Temper tantrum
Take to task
Ranting and raving
Bats in the belfry
Run ragged
From stem to stern
Fuel to the fire
Insult to injury
Neither rhyme nor reason
Bunch of baloney
Hole in the head
Put it on the back burner
Talk turkey
Mickey mouse
As sure as shootin
No nonsense
Down and dirty
Rip roaring
Bolt from the blue
Short and sweet
Safe and sound
Fit as a fiddle
Picture perfect
Cool calm and collected
Prime the pump
Come hell or high water
Bend over backward
Practice what you preach
Method to my madness
Give it a go
Get up and go
Shape up or ship out
Pleased as punch
Jump for joy
Head over heels
Lay it on the line
Lay down the law
Bag and baggage
Part and parcel
Kit and caboodle
Head for the hills
Burn bridges
Cream of the crop
Clear cut
Dime a dozen
Rags to riches
Put your money where mouth is