Traduce la siguiente narración y presiona en cada oración para verificar tu traducción.
Today is Friday, and I need to go grocery shopping.
My refrigerator is almost empty.
I need milk, eggs, bread, chicken, ketchup, mayonnaise, butter, carrots,
corn, onions, celery, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, because I'm going to make a chicken soup.
I drive my car to the supermarket.
I get out of my car, and lock it.
I get a shopping cart and enter the supermarket,
which is called "Downtown Supermarket".
First I go to the dairy section to get milk, butter and eggs.
I'm going to buy some cheese, too.
Then I go to the meat department to get the chicken.
Then I go to the vegetables section to buy my vegetables.
Ketchup and mayonnaise are in the canned goods section.
I go to the cashier and wait in line.
The line is not too long.
The cashier is friendly.
The total comes to $22.75.
I give the cashier $25 and receive change of $2.25.
Then I go to my car and I put the groceries in the trunk.
I get in my car and drive back to my house.
I get out of my car and I bring the groceries into my kitchen.
I put away my groceries.
I put the canned goods in the pantry.
And the other groceries in the refrigerator.
Then I take out a big pot and fill it with water.
I put the pot on the stove and turn the stove on to high heat.
After the water starts to boil.
I take the chicken out of its bag.
I put the chicken in the pot to boil.
I add salt and pepper and also oregano and basil.
Then I cover the pot with a lid,
and I let the chicken boil for thirty minutes.
I cut up one onion and one clove of garlic,
and put them into the pot.
Then I cut up two potatoes and five carrots,
and put those into the pot.
After another twenty minutes,
I cut up five pieces of celery
and put them into the pot.
Then I turn down the heat
and let the chicken soup simmer for another thirty minutes,
or until the chicken is cooked well.
Do you like chicken soup?
What is your recipe for chicken soup?